Declarations of Interest

Primary Care Networks (PCN) as providers of healthcare services, are committed to managing conflicts of interest in a way that demonstrates transparency, probity and accountability. 

All interests should be declared where there is a risk of perceived improper conduct.
Interests fall into the following categories:

  • Financial interests - Where an individual may get direct financial benefit from the consequences of a decision they are involved in making.
  • Non-financial professional interests - Where an individual may obtain a non-financial professional benefit from the consequences of a decision, they are involved in making, such as increasing their professional reputation or promoting their professional career.
  • Non-financial personal interests - Where an individual may benefit personally in ways which are not directly linked to their professional career and do not give rise to a direct financial benefit, because of decisions they are involved in making in their professional career.
  • Indirect interests - Where an individual has a close association with another individual who has a financial interest, a non-financial professional interest or a non-financial personal interest and could stand to benefit from a decision they are involved in making.

PCNs are therefore required to publish registers of interest relating to decision makers. When a declaration is made, the relevant register is updated as well as being reviewed at regular intervals.

Name Current position (s) held in the PCN Declared Interest
(Name of the organisation and nature of business)
Type of Interest Is the interest direct or indirect? Nature of Interest Date of Interest Action taken to mitigate risk
Financial Interest Non-Financial Professional Non-Financial Personal Interest From To


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