The Clinical Director for East Warrington PCN is Dr Rakhi Raj, from Padgate Medical Centre.

"I am a GP partner at Padgate Medical Centre and have been working in the practice since 2008 as a salaried GP before taking on the partnership. I was formally appointed to the post of clinical director to East Warrington PCN by the member practices on the 1st of July 2019.The practices with the PCN is Padgate Medical Centre, Fearnhead Medical Centre and Birchwood Medical Centre

My role is to support collaboration and innovation within the PCN practices, improving resilience in practices and most importantly provide individualised responsive care to our patients.

As Primary Care representative on the Cheshire and Merseyside Primary care leadership board and the Health and Well- being board I work with partnerships that bring together providers, commissioners of NHS services and other local partners to collaboratively develop plans for improving population outcomes. I am passionate about health inequalities and endeavour to connect with the communities to reduce widening equalities in health

Outside of work my life is busy with ferrying my 2 sons, gardening and reading. I enjoy travelling and creating experiences in this journey of life."

Structured Medication Reviews (SMRs) DES lead - Dr D Carr, Fearnhead Medical Centre

Cancer DES lead - Dr L Hyland, Padgate Medical Centre

Extended Access Lead - Dr A Joseph, Birchwood Medical Centre

Our practice managers support the PCN by providing their expert insight into the day-to-day operations of General Practice. They play a key role in helping the PCN deliver it's strategic vision. The importance of their role in the PCN cannot be understated. Our Practice managers are:

Andrea Catterall - Padgate Medical Centre

Nicki Golding - Fearnhead Medical Centre

Alison Warburton - Birchwood Medical Centre 

A key aspect of managing a successful PCN is thorough financial oversight. PCNs are responsible for a large budget, which is used to recruit staff to the primary care workforce through the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS). 

Andrea Catterall is our PCN Finance Lead. 

Marie-Ann Hunter is the PCN's Strategic Manager, who works across 3 local PCNs. Marie-Ann has extensive NHS experience and has recently worked at Warrington CCG as a Primary Care Commissioning Manager, bringing a wealth of local knowledge to support the development of the Network. 

Amy Cannon supports the network as an Operational Manager. Amy was the operational lead at the Halliwell Jones Stadium COVID-19 vaccination site and has experience in supporting local PCNs, as well as working for our GP Federation as a Business Development Manager. 

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